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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions along with their answers. If you have any specific inquiries or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us at We are committed to providing prompt and helpful responses to your queries.

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Our product is a comprehensive influencer marketing platform that connects businesses, influencers, and freelancers, facilitating collaboration and maximizing the impact of influencer marketing campaigns.

Our platform allows businesses to create campaigns and job postings, specifying their requirements and objectives. Influencers and freelancers can browse and apply for these opportunities. The platform facilitates communication, negotiation, and payment processes, ensuring a seamless collaboration experience.

Our platform provides businesses with access to a diverse pool of influencers and freelancers, enabling them to reach their target audience effectively. It streamlines the campaign management process, offering robust analytics and performance tracking to measure the success of influencer marketing initiatives.

Influencers and freelancers can leverage our platform to discover relevant campaigns and job opportunities. They can showcase their skills and expertise, build their portfolio, and expand their professional network. The platform also ensures secure payment transactions and offers a direct communication channel with businesses and job posters.

Our platform supports various payment types, including fixed payments, payments based on the number of post views, payments based on conversions, and percentage-based payments. This flexibility allows businesses and influencers to choose the payment model that aligns with their preferences and campaign goals.

Yes, we prioritize the security and privacy of our users. We employ robust measures to safeguard user data and ensure that no personal details, such as mobile numbers or email addresses, are shared with any third parties. All communication takes place within the platform, providing a secure and confidential environment.

Yes, our platform facilitates direct communication between businesses, job posters, influencers, and freelancers. Users can exchange messages, clarify queries, and discuss collaboration details directly within the platform, enhancing efficiency and fostering effective collaboration.

Users can reach out to our dedicated support team through our platform's help center. We are committed to assisting users with any queries, technical issues, or concerns they may have, ensuring a smooth user experience throughout their journey on our platform.


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